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July 26, 2002
SUSAN SHERRING -- Page Six -- Ottawa Sun


The long-awaited Broads Night Out took place over the weekend, with former Daytime host Jen Rennick, KOOL-FM's Sandy Sharkey, and me hooking up with three other broads who bid more than $400 for a charity to join us for a limo ride courtesy of Ottawa Limousine Service and supper compliments of West End Station.

Paula McPherson, who made the bid and invited two of her friends, volunteers at the CNIB as a news reader for Voice Print, a news service for the visually impaired and physically challenged. She's recently set up her own small business as an event planner and is also trying to break into acting. She invited friends Tracy Bigelow, an administrative assistant, and Kim McLeod, a mother of four and life coach.

So what do six women who've never met talk about over dinner? The same things that good female friends chat about - you know, sex, men, kids, and work. My thanks to John Ernst and Executives on Auction for his patience in setting up the dinner, our charming waiter Mike Connolly and our accommodating limo driver. Proceeds go to the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Trust.

Accompanied by photo of Sue, Jen, Sandy, Paula, Tracey, and Kim.
Caption: Page Sixer: Sue Sherring, top middle, shared a Broads Night Out for charity recently with some new and old friends.