June 27, 2002
Byline: SUSAN SHERRING -- Ottawa Sun

Out on the Town

Looking for a fun-filled night out with the girls?

Then I've got a great deal for you!

Two of the funnest women I know -- KOOL-FM's Sandy Sharkey and Rogers TV's Jen Rennick -- have agreed to join me as part of a Broads Night Out package that is up for auction.

The package includes sipping on champagne as our Ottawa Limousine Service limo takes us out for an evening of fun and fabulous food at the West End Station.

Sound irresistible? Well, it gets better -- the deal is for you and two of your best friends. The package is available to the highest bidder in an online auction called Executives on Auction.

When John Ernst, the brains behind Executives on Auction, first asked me to put myself up for auction, I have to admit I resisted.

I mean, who really wants the humiliation of seeing whether anyone finds you worthy to bid on?

After waiting for me to reply, Ernst called on the irresistible services of Jocelyn Lamont, the executive director of the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Trust, who asked me to take part on behalf of their group. Lamont, of course, is a woman who is impossible to refuse.

Still fearing rejection, I've convinced Sharkey and Rennick to join the Broads Night Out package -- and now the three of us have put our collective egos up for online bidding.

To date, there hasn't been a nibble.

But with a starting minimum bid of $200 -- and all the money going to a wonderful cause -- this is a great deal for you and two of your friends to join me and two of mine. The West End Station has long been one of my favourite restaurants and I'm thrilled that Jordan Forester, the executive chef and owner, has offered to serve up the fabulously fine grub for our night out together.

Of course, if wining, dining and gossip with three fun broads isn't your thing, there are plenty more people up for bid. If you're in the market for a special gift, check out www.executivesonauction.com -- there's bound to be something that suits.

Brian "Killer" Kilrea is up for grabs, with the highest bidder getting to golf with major junior hockey's all-time winningest coach at the Canadian Golf Club.

Or maybe you're a sports trivia buff? Think you could take on trivia aficionado Liam McGuire in a trivia faceoff at Local Heroes?

Sounds like the perfect gift for my friend Monica Bialik -- who considers her knowledge of sports trivia second to none.

Spending time with CHEZ's Doc and Woody sounds like just the right gift for my real estate agent and friend Ian Stirling. I'm sure the trio could find some common ground.

Looking for a gift for a lover of the arts? The winning bid of lawyer Lawrence Greenspon will get an evening with him at the National Arts Centre.

Or maybe a visit to the spa is more your style. How would you like to be pampered at the spa along with Y105's Nida Drake -- while your husband hits the links with her morning co-host Mark Papousek?

With opening bids starting at just $200, these packages are the best bargains in town. And best of all, your entire bid goes to a charity chosen by the person you're bidding on.

Other personalities up for bid include Claudia Chowaniec, the chairwoman of the Greater Ottawa Chamber of Commerce; Debbie Weinstein, the co-founding partner with the business law firm of LaBarge Weinstein; the Royal Bank's Jim Blattman; CFRA's John Brenner; OZ Optics' Omur and Zahide Sezerman; and Mitel's chief operating officer Paul Butcher.