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March 28 2002     For immediate release:

An Exciting Fourth Season of Executives on Auction
High tech leaders support their favourite charities, as the auction opens to multiple charity format.

OTTAWA (Silicon Valley North), CANADA – March 21 2002    Since the launch of the original Executive Golf Auction in the summer of 2000, Compassion in Action has been the sole beneficiary of Executives on Auction, helping people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. The Auction's new format invites many charities to share the auction at the same time.

In the words of Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA Alliance) President John Reid  "Leadership in the high tech world is shown in many ways; leaders create new technologies, achieve world class enterprise status, build high performance work teams and set a role models for future leaders. CATAAlliance has encouraged its leaders to set a community example of participation in worthy charities. Many have met the challenge and we encourage them to do more in helping build our prosperous city."

Presenting a top-flight line-up of 20 Executives, including Dr. Jozef Straus, Antoine Paquin, John Reid, and many other CEOs, VCs, VPs and a few media personalities, Executives on Auction's Spring 2002 season seems set to bring quality networking opportunities to the aid of charity.

We encourage you to be generous as the winning bids go completely to charity. Please note, as the bids are placed through an auction, tax receipts are not be issued.

Executives on Auction thanks the many sponsors, proudly displayed on the site, who have made all of this possible. Their contributions allow the winning bids to go completely to the charities, while the winning bidders meet at mutually convenient times with the executives at our donated venues.

We are happy to work with so many charities to build awareness, raise funds, and extend the network of friends of the charities.

It is an opportunity to learn more about charities, including:

It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to help a great cause and have some fun in the process. JDS Uniphase cares about the community in which its employees live and work. As such, we are delighted to continue our support of CHEO through the Executives on Auction initiative.
       Jozef Straus, Co-chairman, President and CEO, JDS Uniphase Corporation

... the Youville Centre
"Youville is an innovative Centre that motivates, educates and nurtures young mothers and their children to become contributing members of society."
         Sister Maco, Youville Centre

"Youville Centre provides a nurturing environment for young single parents and their children. The Centre’s comprehensive program offers the young parent a combination of education, support programs and life skills that help enable them to realize their potential, as well as become a better parent and contributor within our community. Additionally, the lives of their children are enriched with love, stability and positive role models. I am proud to support Youville Centre. This investment in our youth is an investment in the future that benefits us all."
       Antoine Paquin

... the United Way
"We are grateful to Peter Eddison for designating United Way/Centraide Ottawa as the beneficiary of this initiative", says Michael Allen, President and Executive Director of United Way/Centraide Ottawa. "Good luck, Peter, and let the bidding begin!"

... Big Sisters and Big Brothers Ottawa
"We look forward with anticipation to the successful bid for Tropic Networks' CEO Kevin Rankin, and are delighted that he has named Big Sisters Big Brothers Ottawa as his charity of choice. By doing so, he is telling all our Big Sisters and Big Brothers, that they continue to do a great job."
       Andrew Moody, President, Big Sisters and Big Brothers Ottawa

... Compassion in Action
"I am very pleased to be supporting Compassion in Action because it provides the hundreds of thousands of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatique Syndrome sufferers in Canada with concrete and practical information on how to understand and cope with these disorders."
       Coralie Lalonde, CEO, Katsura Investments

... The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa
"The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa strengthens the Ottawa community by helping over 7,000 kids each year. Your support through the auction means much-needed dollars will go directly to reaching more kids who need us."

... LiveWorkPlay
"It is only fitting that Cyndi Edwards and Colin Trethewey will be on the auction block on our behalf, given that both of them are longtime volunteers with the organization, they know exactly how these funds go to support people in need in the Ottawa community," said Julie Kingstone, cofounder of the LiveWorkPlay organization, which benefits people with developmental disabilities.

...and the Salvation Army
The Salvation Army is honoured to be named a recipient charity. All proceeds received will go to support our many social service programs in Ottawa, and will help meet the needs of so many in our community.

Auction organiser John Ernst is pleased to welcome more charities to share the auction, and will be working with them and others to build the auction into a community resource. "We seek to provide a new quality networking opportunity that benefits charities, and will be working with other regions to expand the executive-level networking opportunities that benefit charities.   We have a fine group of sponsors making this possible."

Visit the Executives On Auction Web site at: http://ExecutivesOnAuction.com



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 Managing Director
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