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For release:  Thursday June 19th 2003 - Noon

Women Executives lead the Auction
Women Executives and their favourite charities, some wise men, and big personalities

OTTAWA (Silicon Valley North), Ontario, Canada, Thursday June 19th 2003 - Noon    Leading ladies of business ... more than 25 Executives and Media Personalities, the 6th Executives on Auction presents some of Ottawa's most knowledgeable people, skilled in their business, willing to share quality time with a fine bidder, to raise funds and awareness for their favourite charities.

In the words of Dr. Claudia Chowaniec, President of Precept Inc., "I think at some point in our lives we all recognize the value of giving back to our community. So don't wait to be asked. Consider what organization you think is doing a really great job and offer your help and your financial support. You'll find it's really worth it."   An Executive on auction herself, Dr. Claudia Chowaniec is the spokesperson for the auction's launch today, picking up the torch from CATA Alliance President John Reid.

The auction closes at noon on Thursday, July 17th.   We encourage you to be a generous bidder, winning bids go directly to the executive's charity. Please note, as the charities receive these funds through an auction, tax receipts are not be issued.

Executives on Auction thanks the many sponsors, proudly displayed on the site, who have made all of this possible. Their contributions allow the winning bids to go completely to the charities, while the winning bidders meet at mutually convenient times with the executives and a host at our donated venues.

Take a moment to learn more about charities, and review the full list of volunteers on auction:

...Canadian Museum of Nature

"Adam and I are Co-Chairs of the Canadian Museum of Nature's $10 million community fund raising campaign. The Museum is a wonderful place to learn about nature. We're all familiar with its priceless heritage building, but what you may not be as familiar with is that it is Canada's leading edge research institute in the natural sciences. For example, in partnership with Genoma Canada and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, it has just opened an amazing exhibit that presents the genome in a way we can all understand! It also has more than 10 million artifacts in its inventory that it has not been able to bring out for us to see because it does not have the money to present its vast resource to the public. So the goal of our $10 Million fundraising campaign is to make more of those treasures from the natural world accessible to all of us through new and improved gallery exhibits, national traveling exhibits, and, perhaps most importantly, on line. "

Claudia Chowaniec,
President, Precept Inc.


...Junior Achievement

"Junior Achievement delivers business mentoring and leadership development programs to thousands of students each year. People determine the ultimate success or failure of any organization. Investing in tomorrow's leaders is just smart business."

Michelle Masson,
Managing Partner, Reid Eddison Inc.



...The Ottawa Hospital Foundation

"I choose The Ottawa Hospital Foundation as my charity of choice as the people that are associated with the Legacy Campaign are professional, caring, and leaders in the community. I have enjoyed sharing the best kept secret in Ottawa with my friends and family, and it is thrilling to be part of a campaign that will change healthcare delivery in our community."

Debi Rosati, CA,
President, RosatiNet
Campaign Cabinet Member,
The Ottawa Hospital Foundation Legacy Campaign



"I'm so happy to be doing some small thing to help deal with hunger in the world. I can't imagine how anything would be harder than seeing your children or anyone's children hungry. Oxfam has a great reputation and I'm glad to send a little help their way."

Dale Gantous
Chair and President, SofTV.net  & InGenius People



...Multiple Sclerosis Society
". Muriel says, "There are so many young adults (ages 20 - 40) diagnosed with MS, who have demonstrated a strength and will to live a "normal" life. Their determination is inspiring! I want to do my part to help make their lives easier."

Muriel Jasek
President and co-founder, AJJA Information Technology Consultants



"The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario is so valuable to Ottawa. As a parent, it gives me great comfort to have such a wonderful pediatric hospital in our city. I sincerely hope that with continued support from the community, the current level of excellent care and facilities within CHEO will be maintained."

Randi Shinder,
President, Clean Brand Inc.
President, Dlish Fragrance Inc.



...HOPE International Development Agency
"Ella chose to sponsor HOPE International Development Agency for this charity auction. With disease and draught ravaging the homes of the poorest on the planet every ounce of support makes a difference. Every dollar increases the odds of a safe and viable future for the children. HOPE's administration and fundraising costs are under 6% of total income. For more information on HOPE International see http://www.hope-international.com"

Ella Mar
Vice-President, Operations Espial





... The Mission
"In a city as wealthy as Ottawa The Mission prepares and serve meals for $1.97 each....The Mission also provides a clean, safe place to rest at night for those less fortunate. The work the Mission provides to support our fellow citizens through rehabilitation, education and work therapy rebuilds the lives of our neighbors. I can't think of a better charity to support and change the lives of destitute men, women and children in Ottawa."

Helen Cooper,
Vice President, HR, Optical Internet Business, Nortel



... The Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada
"Sometimes an illness strikes very close to home and suddenly you realize that despite all the advances in medical science, some diseases continue to baffle researchers. To help my own young son and millions like him, I am thrilled to think some of your generosity will go to The Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada. The TS Foundation is a national voluntary organization dedicated to helping individuals with Tourette Syndrome and their families by gathering and distributing information, and promoting research to solve this long standing mystery and to find a cure."

Lynda Partner,
Founder, GotMarketing.com



... Ontario SPCA
Anne Howland comes to us from the Toronto area, where she was an editor with Metroland Printing and Publishing's York Region division, producing a number of community newspapers covering the large, thriving and diverse area north of Toronto. Her responsibilities also included being editor of the York Region Business Times, a monthly publication covering everything from high tech to agriculture. Prior to joining Metroland, Howland was a self-employed communications consultant, working with small businesses, as well as blue chip corporations and public sector bodies, to create a wide range of written materials. She has experience in public relations and has worked at various federal government departments. Howland's bachelor of journalism from Carleton University is complemented by an MBA from Queen's University. She was born and grew up in Ottawa before leaving for Kingston in 1991 to pursue her master's. "I'm thrilled to return to my hometown of Ottawa, particularly in the role of editor of the Ottawa Business Journal," she said. "I'm looking forward to meeting members of the business community and becoming involved in the thriving economy of the nation's capital."

Anne Howland,
Editor, The Ottawa Business Journal



Graciously Volunteering for the upcoming 6th Executive Auction:

The Featured Women, with so much knowledge to share:
Dr. Claudia Chowaniec, Past Chair, Greater Ottawa Chamber of Commerce;
        & President, Precept Inc - Canadian Museum of Nature
Helen Cooper, Vice President, HR, Optical Internet Business, Nortel - The Ottawa Mission
Lili-Ann Foster, President & CEO, Renaud Foster - Rideauwood Addiction and Family Service
Dale Gantous, Chair and President, SofTV.net & InGenius People - Oxfam
Muriel Jasek, President, AJJA IT Consultants - Multiple Sclerosis Society
Ella Mar, Vice-President, Operations, Espial - HOPE International Development Agency
Helen Maskery, President, Maskery & Associates Inc - Ottawa Carleton Humane Society
Michelle Masson, Partner, Reid Eddison - Junior Achievement
Lynda Partner, Founder, GotMarketing.com - charity t.b.a.
Debi Rosati, CA, President, RosatiNet - The Ottawa Hospital Foundation
Randi Shinder, President, Clean Brand Inc.
        President, Dlish Fragrance Inc. - CHEO
Shirley Westeinde, President, Westeinde Developments - FM-CFS Canada

Also sharing their experience, wise men:
Peter Becke, President & CEO, Sibercore - charity t.b.a.
Andrew Coutts, CEO, Databeacon - Children at Risk
Jeffrey Dale, President & CEO, OCRI - Ottawa Reads
Irving Ebert, Founding Partner, Purple Angel - Saint-Vincent Hospital: "Adding Life to Years"
Eli Fathi, CEO, OrbitIQ - FM-CFS Canada
Michael Gassewitz, President, Meriton Networks - charity t.b.a.
Gord Harling, CEO, Elliptic Semiconductor - Canadian Cancer Society
John Kelly, Chairman, CATA Alliance; Partner, Reid Eddison - charity t.b.a.
Jason Lee, VP, Plaintree Systems - Kidney Foundation of Canada
David Mann, fmr. Chairman, OCRI; fmr. VP, Nortel - FM-CFS Canada
Scott Marshall, CEO, Ceyba - Salvation Army
Jim Roche, President & CEO, Tundra Semiconductor - FM-CFS Canada
Gary Thomas, Director, Marketing & Communications, BMR Direct - LiveWorkPlay
Richard Timmons, CEO, Photonics Control - United Way

Join a media personality for quality time together!
John Brenner, News Director / CHUM RADIO Ottawa, News Anchor - CHEO's Medical Day Unit, Oncology Division
Brad, Steph, & Stuntman Stu, 106.9 the Bear's Breakfast Show - The Bear's Children Fun
Anne Howland, Editor, Ottawa Business Journal - Ontario SPCA
Max Keeping, 6 pm News Anchor, CJOH - Child & Youth Friendly Ottawa - CAYFO.
Doc & Woody, Chez 106.1 - the Doc & Woody Operating Room Fund for CHEO
Mauler & Rush, 101.1 Xfm - Candlelighters
Geoff Matthews, Business Editor, Ottawa Sun - The Snowsuit Fund
Mark Sutcliffe, Business writer/Entrepreneur - Ottawa Citizen - charity t.b.a.

Auction organiser John Ernst appreciates that every bit counts, and that variety in the ways we help build the community contribute to its vibrancy.   "The fine team of sponsors make it possible for everyone to network, help charities, and benefit the community.   We're confident the bidders will be pleased to meet with the executives, joining the more than 100 previous bidders who have enjoyed quality time meetings in pleasant venues."

        Visit the Executives On Auction Web site at: http://ExecutivesOnAuction.com



        For more information, please contact: 
        John Ernst
        Managing Director
        (613) 565-0283

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