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December 1, 2001, Press Release

Montreal launches Executives on Auction

Some of Montreal's leading executives are volunteering for auction

December 1, 2001, Ottawa - Montreal Auction partners 'H2O Adventures' have been working behind the scenes to arrange Montreal's participation in Executives on Auction, set to launch on December 1, 2001.

Montreal's Auction will benefit Epilepsy Canada, with the winning bids going completely to charity.   Already, a starting line-up of well known and highly placed Executives are on auction.

Supporting their effort are well known Montreal institutions, including the Centaur Theatre, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, and the Montreal Canadiens, which are volunteering their facilities as meeting places for the meetings between executive and winning bidder.

Some of the starting executives include:

  • Donald V. Patton, President and General Manager of Abbott Laboratories, Limited - Canada;
  • Michel Lozeau, Senior Vice-President E-Commerce of the National Bank of Canada; and,
  • Stephen Kaplan, Senior Vice President, Essentus International, Inc.

As there is no single day for the event, but rather many individual meetings held at the convenience of the participants, organizers will continue to recruit executives for the auction throughout the year.   The average time span that an executive will be on auction will usually be three weeks. We encourage people to suggest executives they would like to meet.

"What's great about Executives on Auction is that, unlike most fundraisers, this one is a year-round event", says Nadia Merulla, Regional Director of Executives on Auction, "therefore we are hoping that Montrealer's will bookmark our site and refer back to it regularly. We are also hoping that the maximum bid set at $1000 will allow the Auction to become available to wider group of people, and encourage those who do bid, to bid the maximum right away in order to close the bid."   "We're so pleased that some of this city's greatest are helping to raise funds and awareness for such an important cause," says Marc Merulla, President of H2O Adventures.

"This is the beginning of a series of regionally based auctions, each supporting the charity of their choice, which will help facilitate executive-level networking between regions.   We believe that the quality time these executives share together will help our business communities, while helping charity."   said John Ernst, Managing Director of FrontierStrategies and organizer of the Ottawa auction.   "Thankfully, we have received tremendous support from the business community, executives, and a fine team of sponsors."

You can visit the official Executives on Auction website at executivesonauction.com.



 For more information, please contact:

  Nadia Merulla
  H2O Adventures
  514-842-1306 or

  John Ernst
  (613) 565-0283