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May 3, 2001   For immediate release:

Executives on Auction announces new business model, new venues, executives
Two new regional affiliates begin operation soon, Ottawa enters third season.

OTTAWA (Silicon Valley North), CANADA – April 22, 2000 – Exactly one year ago, John Ernst of FrontierStrategies sent an email to Gerry Turcotte, President of the Canada Communications Research Centre, asking whether he knew of a good charity in need of support. Just the day before, Gerry had spoken with David Mann, Chairman of OCRI at the time, who was looking for fund raising help with Compassion in Action, a group dedicated to helping people with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Said Gerry "Bringing people with ideas together with potential partners with a need, is an OCRI forte. It was a delightful serendipity to bring John's idea to the OCRI Chair's need."

Since then, the idea, Executives on Auction, with the help of co-organiser Bill Turner, has entered its third season. Soon auctions will begin in Montreal and Toronto, creating a new platform for executive level networking, while helping more charities.

The Auction places high tech executives and community leaders up for bid, with the winning bid going completely to charity, while the winning bidder meets for hours of quality time with the executive they selected, at a mutually convenient time.

Thanks to the Canadian Golf and Country Club, the Ottawa Senators Foundation, the National Arts Centre, and leading executives and bidders in the high tech community, thousands of dollars have been raised for Compassion in Action, while more and more people have become aware of the magnitude of the Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome problem in Canada, already affecting over 1 million people.

Launching into its third season, the auction is introducing a change to its business model. While bidders have competed to place a winning bid, with bids sometimes surpassing $1,000, the average bid has been about $500. To ease the process of getting management approval to bid, a ceiling price is being placed on the executives. So, a bidder can now place an ‘instant win’ bid, closing the auction by placing a $1000 bid. Bidders can still place lower bids, but face the risk that someone else will close the auction with a $1000 bid.

The summer season is launching with new and returning sponsors. Thanks to strong support from the Canadian Golf and Country Club, located just west of Kanata, bidders can meet at mutually convenient times to play golf with executives.

The National Arts Centre is helping for the summer, offering executives a chance to meet with their bidders for an arts performance.

H2O Adventures, a white water adventure company, is providing white water and kayaking outings.

One executive on auction, SpaceBridge's VP and co-founder Stephen Goodman, is offering his bidder the opportunity to spend a day competing in a Kart Endurance race, next October, if a suitably robust person bids.

From white water to racing to hitting the perfect drive, or diving into the arts, the Auction welcomes new venues to offer interesting experiences, and is seeking a fine restaurant where the bidders and executives can meet.

Executives on Auction is expanding to new cities, and will document the start-up process of the Montreal and Toronto auctions, and then engage a proven high tech PR firm to help spread the news through key publications across North America. Soon, the auction site will offer an opportunity for high tech travellers to see who is on auction in the cities they are traveling to, all to the benefit of charities.

Light a candle for us, we’re one year old, and growing to be a healthy part of the high tech networking spectrum and a new source of funds and educational support for charities. We're holding a celebratory Benefit Lunch for Compassion in Action in mid-May, sponsored by Guardian Capital Advisors Inc., to further raise funds and awareness for Compassion in Action, while taking a moment to recognise our sponsors, network, and enjoy the view at the Canadian Golf and Country Club.

Said Graham Mayes, Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Guardian Capital Advisors Inc., "You must be the change you want to see in the world."     We agree wholeheartedly.

David Mann, Executive Vice President of Compassion in Action Foundation and Centres commented that the Foundation is pleased to have the ongoing support of FrontierStrategies in 2001. David also, on behalf of the foundation, wishes to send a sincere and heartfelt vote of thanks to all of the Executives On Auction sponsors, executives, and bidders for their valued support of a worthy and much needed charity, whose website can be found at http://www.ncf.ca/compassioninaction or via the Executives On Auction website (see below)

Visit the Executives On Auction Web site at: http://ExecutivesOnAuction.com

Visit the Compassion in Action Web site at: http://www.ncf.ca/compassioninaction



For more information, please contact: 
 John Ernst
 Executive Director
 (613) 282-0122
 Emmanuel Martel
 Compassion in Action
 (613) 860-2423
 Toll Free: 1-877-437-HOPE
 Steven McColgan
 TalentLab / Toronto Auction Affiliate
 (416) 203-6444 ext.222
 Nadia Merulla
 H2O Adventures / Montreal Auction Affiliate
 (514) 842-1306

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