The charities selected by John Roese:

  The Nortel Ottawa Dragon Boat Race Festival mission: "To each year deliver a first class dragon boat race festival accessible to all that brings together and gives back to our diverse community through team building, charitable fund raising and a cross cultural experience that is fun for everyone."

In the words of John Brooman, Executive Director of the 14th Annual Nortel Ottawa Dragon Boat Race Festival, "This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone. We cannot thank Nortel CTO John Roese enough for supporting the Nortel Ottawa Dragon Boat Foundation with this endorsement through Executives On Auction. This is a truly unique and creative way for business leaders to support groups like us. Thank you from our entire team."

To donate to this year's event, to be involved, or to pay a winning bid, please telephone: (613) 238-7711, or email:



  FM-CFS Canada welcomes you to help the more than 1 million Canadians with Fibromyalgia (FM) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), through research, education, and treatment.   More than 35,000 people are afflicted in the Greater Ottawa area.  No known cause, no cure, yet.

Click here to make a donation or to pay for a winning bid:



    A selection of the charities helped in previous auctions.

  Cancer can strike children at any age. Loosing your hair, feeling sick, looking different and being away from school and friends is not easy. The CHEO medical day unit is a special place where children and youth who require care related to oncology, hematology and dialysis spend a great deal of time. The MDU is hub of activities at CHEO. There's a playroom filled with toys, there's video games, movies playing on the large screen television, craft activities and even a cooking program. Keeping busy helps forget about the bad stuff and that's important on the medical day unit.

Through its medical day unit, CHEO provides day treatment for patients who would otherwise require hospitalization. The types of conditions treated include oncology, hematology, rheumatology, immunodeficiency, endocrinology, neurology and nephrology. The unit also includes the oncology and hematology clinics, as well as the dialysis unit, providing hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis treatments.




  The Ottawa Humane Society is a non-profit, community-based organisation and a registered charity. We have a volunteer Board of Directors, drawn from our supporters and the community at large. For over 112 years, we have been the leading organisation providing a safe haven for sick, mis-treated and homeless animals in Ottawa. The Humane Society provides a wealth of animal care information to the public through humane education visits, public information awareness booths, participation in various volunteer programs and the multitude of services offered to the community.

Each day we strive to fulfil our mission: To encourage individuals to take responsibility for their animal companions, to provide leadership in the humane treatment of all animals and to provide care for neglected, abused or exploited animals.
For further information, you are welcome to call 725-3166 ext. 221




  LiveWorkPlay (LWP) is a grassroots charitable organization working in partnership with care providers and the community, empowering young people with developmental disabilities to live as included and contributing members of Canadian society. Over the past five years LiveWorkPlay has worked with its members and partners to build a number of exciting core services. This includes Skills and More for Independent Living and Employment (SMILE), an innovative system of supports that helps young adults with developmental disabilities to live with greater independence, and ACES (Active Community Experiences in Summer) a unique community-based learning program for ages 13-20.

LiveWorkPlay also hosts a number of exciting annual events. This includes a New Year's Eve Gala as well as the Celebrating Productive Living Charity Auction, which features Cyndi Edwards of the NewRO and philanthropist Dave Smtih. This year's event will also celebrate the fifth anniversary of LiveWorkPlay operations. For more information about this or any other LWP initiative, please visit our website at or send email to



  CAYFO inspires young people to get involved in their community.

We do this through volunteer work, leadership training, civic involvement and initiatives that promote partnerships and strengthen communities.

We also do it because we think young people are worth it! They have the skills, talents and ability to make exciting and meaningful contributions to the world around them.


  (autistic) CHILDREN AT RISK

Children at Risk was incorporated as a local charitable organization in 1979, providing services and supports in the Greater Ottawa area to families with children diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum Disorders. Our Community-Based Special Projects include Social Skill Therapy and Sibling Support Groups, Information Seminars and Educational Workshops. These supports, solely financed through fundraising and donations, are not offered to the Autism community through any other agency. In addition, our Community Supports for families also include involvement in student placement programs through Algonquin College, Air Canada Dreams Take Flight trips, an Annual Family Picnic and access to event tickets donated by various local sports and entertainment organizations.

Autism is a complex, neurological disorder that inhibits the development of communication and socialization skills, often also affecting fine and gross motor ability. Autism is now considered to be the most disabling developmental disorder, with the diagnosis of 1 in 200 children more prevalent than Down Syndrome, childhood cancer, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, blindness and deafness. Children at Risk seeks to increase public awareness of Autism and the impact this disability has on the child and his or her family. Supports also include advocacy on behalf of Autistic children and their families, as well as fostering linkages with other local agencies or organizations in the community. You can visit our website at or contact us by email ( or telephone (613-741-8255).


  SuzukiMusic is a learning community which promotes excellence and nurtures human potential through the love of music. Founded in 1988, our faculty currently comprises 8 violin/viola, 1 cello and 1 flute teacher. There are approximately 200 students enrolled in the School, ranging from 3 to 16 years of age. The excellence of the training provided is reflected by the fact that numerous students have been trophy winners in the local Kiwanis Festival, some have been RCM medalists, and two have been national winners of the Canada Music Competition. In 2003, 6 of the 26 violinists selected for the National Youth Orchestra of Canada are SuzukiMusic alumni. Our students have been invited to play as soloists with the National Arts Centre Orchestra in 1991, 1992, 2002, and 2003 will again join Maestro Zukerman and the orchestra in January 2004. SuzukiMusic contributes actively to the community, providing over 50 concerts and recitals every year. This past year, SuzukiMusic's multimedia show "A Child's History of Bytown in Words and Music" toured through Ottawa schools where it was enjoyed by over 1000 children.

  Founded by Dr. Wilbert Keon in 1976, the University of Ottawa Heart Institute is a bilingual academic health care institution specializing in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation from, and prevention of, heart disease through patient care, research, education and health promotion.

The focus on one disease has allowed the Heart Institute to be comprehensive in its approach and as a result it has become a world leader in cardiac care. In its design, delivery and expertise, the Heart Institute is a referral centre for hospitals and health professionals.

The Research Corporation and Foundation work collaboratively to ensure the immediate and long-term needs of cardiac patients and their families are met. Both support the Heart Institute by generating funds to replace equipment, create educational tools for patients and staff, and ensure research scientists have the resources they need to explore and forge a path toward the elimination of premature death from heart disease.



  United Way/Centraide Ottawa is a volunteer-led non-profit organization that has been working with the community of Ottawa for 69 years.

We work in partnership with community organizations, governments and institutions, the private sector, and other non-profit groups, to build a caring community; a community where people have security, opportunity and hope.



  Youville Centre provides an accredited high school education to high-risk teen parents, child development programming for their children and social and housing support services to current students and alumnae. We strive to provide an environment for young parents and their children so that they establish self-worth, self-confidence and the skills required to become self-reliant members of our communities.


  Mission: To promote the health of Canadians through diabetes research, education, service and advocacy.

Vision: By 2005, the Canadian Diabetes Association will be pivotal in preventing the onset and reducing the burden of diabetes in Canada and will be publicly recognized for its role.

Our net work of members, volunteers, health care professionals, partners and staff will interact with every community, achieving quality relationships with two million of the people in Canada affected by diabetes.

Values: The Canadian Diabetes Association is an independently governed charitable organization focused on the needs of people affected by diabetes, committed to excellence, respecting the individual and believing that people are our greatest asset.


  • The elimination of diabetes.
  • The attainment of optimal quality of life by persons affected by diabetes.
  • The realization by all people in Canada that diabetes is a major health issue.
For More Information: Ottawa Office (613) 521-1902

  Big Sisters Big Brothers Ottawa Grandes Soeurs Grands Frères d'Ottawa
We are a new organization offering all the best of the "old"! Big Sisters Big Brothers Ottawa is a UnitedWay/Centraide agency that supports and enables girls and boys, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to achieve their full potential as young women and men, by providing opportunities for them to form positive relationships with adult volunteers through a variety of one- to-one and group programs. The benefits we can offer children and families in Ottawa are far reaching and help provide the building blocks for local youth through a variety of programs.

Extend a hand in friendship to our kids and help them grow!
For additional information or feature reporting, please contact us at 237-5757, ext.22, e-mail: , or visit our website


  Located in the heart of the nation's capital, across from Confederation Square and Parliament Hill, the National Arts Centre (NAC) is among the largest performing arts complexes in Canada. The only multidisciplinary, bilingual performing arts centre in North America, the NAC focuses on artistic excellence, diversity, and youth.

The NAC produces full seasons of music, dance, English and French theatre and variety, and is home to the internationally acclaimed 46-member National Arts Centre Orchestra and music director Pinchas Zukerman. The Centre plays host to the Canada Dance Festival, and is also an active partner in numerous regional and local festivals including the Tulip Festival, Ottawa Chamber Music Festival, Winterlude, Ottawa International Jazz Festival, and many more.


  The BEAR Children's Fund was established at the launch of The BEAR in September of 1994 for the purpose of donating money to assist children's charities and causes that make the quality of life better for children in the Ottawa-Carleton region. Fund-raising for The BEAR Children's Fund continues year round with 100% of all monies raised going into the fund to help children.


  "The Make-A-Wish Foundation® grants the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy." Thank you to Mark Papousek and Y105 for all their support over the years and for sharing The Power Of A Wish®.

Please contact us at 1-877-669-5777 in Ottawa or visit our website at



  The Operating Rooms at CHEO are constantly in need of expensive equipment.

Some of the surgical tools needed to help our children are so tiny they are practically microscopic.   These small tools make the operation and recovery less painful for the kids.  And we think that's important.

You can imagine the cost of these tools.  Currently we are trying to raise the funds to cover the cost of about 16 different surgical tools.   The total for these items?   $24,000!   We are almost there. We could use some more help.   Those pieces of equipment have already been purchased because they are essential to the quality care of our children.   We are pretty much clearing CHEO's credit card so they can buy more much needed operating room items.   Our goal will be to pay those costs too.   Thanks for your help!



  When "OttawaReads" everyone benefits!
OttawaReads is a unique school/business partnership in which volunteers are drawn from the corporate or public sector in a release-time program to be involved in the Early Literacy Program within the JK/SK and grade 1 classes in Ottawa schools. After attending the Early Literacy Program in their place of work, employer-supported volunteers fulfill a weekly one hour commitment to read one-on-one to students in a local school. Each participating place of business is partnered with a school in their own geographic area. The number of participating employees will depend upon the size of the company and the requirements of the school.

Program Goals

  • To strengthen, enrich and improve student learning, specifically in Early Literacy skills.
  • To create a climate for involvement and interaction between schools and community.
  • To foster volunteerism within the corporate and public sectors.
  • To facilitate an increase in social and economic capital through enhanced literacy.


            The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario is a community-based volunteer organization whose mission is to reduce the risk of premature death and disability due to heart disease and stroke by raising funds for research and health promotion. We are able to do this through the support of volunteers, local community businesses/corporations and the community at large. The foundation supports:
  • Lifesaving research
  • Helping people live healthy lives
  • Supporting heart disease and stroke survivors.
The Foundation is the largest non-commercial source of funds for heart and stroke research in Ontario and our funding helps to keep the best research minds in Ontario. Over 250 university and hospital-based research projects depend on us. For more information, contact Suzanne Duchesne at: or Tel#: 737-0651

  Since 1984, The Ottawa Food Bank has collected, sorted, warehoused and distributed 8 to 10 tons of food every day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year - approximately 4.5 million pounds a year.

The Ottawa Food Bank supports approximately 32,000 people per month (nearly half of whom are children) through more than 90 food assistance programs throughout the Greater Ottawa Area.


  The Bruce Denniston Bone Marrow Society is a volunteer organization and a national registered charity dedicated to raising funds for donor testing and increasing awareness on the importance of the Unrelated Bone Marrow Donor Registry (UMBDR), a program of Canadian Blood Services. The term "unrelated" is a key title descriptor because the donor is not family, it is a stranger - it could be YOU! The Registry is a central repository responsible for the recruitment and matching of volunteer donors with patients requiring a stem cell transplant.

Bone Marrow is the organ that makes our blood. If this "blood factory" within us begins to malfunction due to any one of several diseases, we are in great physical peril and may need a bone marrow transplant to survive. Sometimes the only compatible source for bone marrow is a total stranger. The Ottawa Chapter of the BDBM Society is currently establishing new partnerships with individuals and organizations, who want to help save lives through the use of stem cell/bone marrow transplants.

This is an opportunity for your company to assist in the fight against blood related diseases by affiliating yourself with the Bruce Denniston Bone Marrow Society. As a partner, you and your business will benefit from the positive exposure of being associated with a significant health issue, community involvement, event related publicity, and on some projects a recreational opportunity for employees.

The bone marrow cause is one that bridges all classes, cultures, races, and most age groups. By affiliating with the Bruce Denniston Bone Marrow Society your Business/Corporation would be connected with a broad based humanitarian concern - the gift of good health!
Website -





#1. For the Kids.
This organization has one reason for being, and that is to see to it that the children of less fortunate families in our region have one very basic necessity: warmth during our bitter winters.

#2. We are a local charity.
Donations of money and used snowsuits go directly back into our community, to children who are the classmates and playmates of our children.

#3. We are a responsible charity.
Only the children of families truly in need get a snowsuit. We have a rigorous referral and application process to qualify those we help. We accept donations of used snowsuits, and we use funds raised to purchase new, quality snowsuits from Canadian manufacturers at incredibly low wholesale prices. A donation of $35.00 is all it takes to dress a child warmly. Finally, we charge all recipients of snowsuits a nominal $10 administration fee to help defray costs. We introduced this measure with some hesitation, and are pleased to report that we did not get a single objection from those we serve.

#4. Our support is broadly-based.
Over the years, the Fund has continued to expand its reach into the community, and today is supported by groups that range from the corporate sector to school children, from the media to members of local and regional councils, from service clubs to community centres. But in all of that, it is still the individual local citizen, who comes forward with used suits or cash donations, or who supports one of the many fundraising events and activities we undertake each year, that we count on most.

#5. The need is real and present.
This year, we expect to have requests in excess of 14,000 snowsuits - that's a lot of cold kids. And it's going to take a lot of donations of good used suits, plus a lot of cold cash -- about $750,000 dollars is our target -- to keep them warm.

Serving area children since 1982.

Snowsuit Fund - 225 Donald Street, Unit 134, Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 1N1
Tel: 746-5143 Fax: 741-1647

Donations may be made at:
Any Bank of Montreal (cash)
Canadian Tire (snowsuits and cash)
Budget Car and Truck (snowsuits and cash)
Browns Cleaners (snowsuits and cash)


  Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Trust ( Candlelighters) is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization that provides programs, services and resources to young cancer patients and to those they depend on for strength and support. Candlelighters is striving to enhance the quality of lives of children with cancer, and that of their families. We are also dedicated to promoting awareness, education and understanding of this devastating illness.

We achieve our goals by providing a full range of programs, divided into three categories - Support, Education and Public Education & Awareness. We are the regional/local voice of families of children with cancer and represent our members provincially as well as nationally.




The Boys & Girls Club of Ottawa is a unique and vital part of the community. Since 1923, the Club has given over 200,000 kids a safe place where trained, positive role models provide recreational and social programs to children aged 6 to 18. Our staff acts as role models, teachers, mentors and lifelong friends. Each day we make a difference in a child's life. This is the passion that drives us, and why we are essential to this community

Our clubhouse programs include:

  • Recreation programs (ball hockey, swimming, etc...)
  • Leadership programs
  • Teen social programs (partner with Big Sisters)
  • Special Needs integration for children with developmental delays
  • Outreach programs designed to bus children to our clubhouses
  • Sports Leagues (Police Athletic League - PAL)

  The Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre (CRC) is a non-profit, charitable organization consisting of Volunteers, Staff, and a Board of Directors in partnership with local groups and agencies, we develop, provide, and coordinate accessible community, health, and social services.

We are committed to the principle that all people should have the freedom, knowledge, and resources to make choices that are informed, safe, and just. We believe that the best way to help people is to support them in reaching their goals. We work together with others to find answers to the issues that concern us in order to bring about change.

The Program Against Abuse is just one of the many excellent programs at the CRC, offering individual support, information and crisis counselling services to women who are or have been abused by their partner. This program also offers Peer Support, first-stage and second-stage groups and drop-in support for women.




Canadian Cancer Society   WHAT WE DO
Thanks to the work of our volunteers and staff, and the generosity of our donors, the Canadian Cancer Society is leading the way in the fight against cancer. The Canadian Cancer Society:
  • funds research on all types of cancer
  • offers comprehensive and credible information on cancer, treatment and risk reduction
  • provides support for people living with cancer, family members and friends



  • Learn the basics of business and the free enterprise system as early as Grade Five
  • Run your own company before completing high school
  • Meet new friends
  • See how business is a vital part of our lives
  • Develop a positive attitude towards business
  • Have fun, gain self confidence, become self-sufficient, and get recognition
  • Become more workforce ready

Volunteer Advisors and Consultants

  • Sharpen your management, organizational, presentation, and communication skills
  • Increase your self confidence
  • Share your experiences and gain new insights into your own business
  • Meet committed young people
  • Meet other business leaders
  • Help young people prepare for their future, and make a tremendous contribution to their lives

Sponsors and Contributors

  • Enhance your public image in the business community, school system, and community at large
  • Help your employee volunteers improve their management, organizational, presentation, and communication skills, and become more self confident
  • Help improve the image of business, keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive, and encourage positive attitudes and a strong work ethic in future employees and business people
  • Take advantage of the opportunity for you and your employee volunteers to work with, and understand, tomorrow's employees and consumers
  • Help young people prepare for their future, and make a tremendous contribution to their lives



  The Salvation Army has been in Ottawa for 117 years, and has in that time worked to help those who are in need. This need may include physical, emotional or spiritual.

The Salvation Army has six churches in Ottawa, and operates many social service programs. Next to the government, The Salvation Army is the largest provider of social services in Canada. These programs include The Booth Centre which is a 128 mens hostel, 24 bed Youth Shelter, Family Services providing emergency food, clothing and housing, and a 28 bed Rehabilitation Centre. Also, there is Bethany Hope Centre which provides services to young single parents and their children. Another field of service is the Correctional and Justice services, providing support to victims and to those who commit crime.

The Salvation Army helps all who come within its doors, no matter color, creed, race or sexual orientation.


  The St. Joe's Women's Centre is one of only two Women's Day Programs' in the City of Ottawa, and is dedicated to the needs of homeless/at risk of being homeless, disadvantaged women and children, in a supportive and safe environment. Social and educational programs are offered to promote empowerment, autonomy, and dignity a non-judgmental atmosphere.

On a daily basis 50-70 women and children walk through our door for Support & Services such as:

  • Nutritious Breakfast & Lunch Daily
  • Emergency Grocery Program
  • Clothing Program
  • Community Service Referrals
  • Crisis Intervention & Support
  • Access to Computer & Telephone
  • Laundry & Shower Facilities
  • Parent/Child Program
  • Public Health & Psychiatric Nurses
  • Self Help Programs
  • Social, Recreational & Education Workshops
    We invite an exec to join us on auction for the St. Joe's Women's Centre.
  Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people dedicated to the protection and promotion of human rights. We take action to free prisoners of conscience, protect refugees, abolish the death penalty, and end political killings, "disappearances," torture and other grave human rights abuses. We also promote the full range of human rights of all people everywhere.

Amnesty International impartially researches and exposes specific violations, then mobilizes public pressure to stop these violations. Our work is based on international human rights standards, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We are an independent, democratic and self-governing movement, funded by our supporters around the world.

Visit us at




To get your charity involved, contact  John Ernst