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July 5, 2001   For immediate release:

Executives on Auction announces an easier auction tool.           
CuteBid.com removes eight steps from the standard online auction tool.

OTTAWA (Silicon Valley North), CANADA July 5, 2000 Since the launch of the original Executive Golf Auction, CuteBid.com has generously provided their online auction service for this charity effort.

Like other well known auction tools, operating at E-Bay and elsewhere, CuteBid's auction tool provides a wide range of features, including email alerts and a Bid Buddy that can bid in your absence. Like other tools with a registration and transaction process, one can step through eight to ten pages before completing the process. This makes it easier if you use it regularly as a purchasing manager might. However it has been easy for someone to make a mistake in stepping through the pages, and possible that a visitor will register and yet miss getting their bid recorded.

CuteBid.com, in keeping with their upgrades, reduced the ten steps to three, namely: the master list of executives on auction; an individual profile with the bidding tool; and, a confirmation page. Yet they maintained full functionality. This advancement will significantly ease bidding in Executives on Auction, which should help the charity raise more funds.

Executives on Auction thanks CuteBid.com for their continuing strong service, flexibity, and attention to detail. This improvement is an important milestone in the life of the Auction, as the busy executive can now quickly execute a bid. While complaints had not been received, and CuteBid's original auction tool was the industry standard, we appreciate their advancement.   Bravo!

We will continue to look for improvements in all that we do.  Your feedback is welcome.

Visit the Executives On Auction Web site at: http://ExecutivesOnAuction.com



For more information, please contact: 
 John Ernst
 Executive Director
 (613) 282-0122
 Jin Chan

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