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How it works!

Executives on Auction raises funds and awareness for charity by helping Ottawa's community to network.

Bidding online:
The auctions are entirely online. To bid, one registers online, providing only limited contact information. No credit card information is required. The auction tool is provided for free to Executives on Auction by RealDecoy, of Ottawa, and is on the RealAuction web site.

The winning bid:
The charities are selected by the executives on auction. Payment is made before the meeting.

Connecting with your VIP:
These executives are exceptionally busy so their time is valuable. We schedule mutually convenient meetings, with the executive and bidder getting together for lunch, or dinner, or golf, hockey, etc., thanks to donated venues. An event organiser normally accompanies them. More than 150 executives and local community leaders have been auctioned in Ottawa through Executives on Auction. We aim to make the meetings as enjoyable and helpful to the community as possible.

It works!
Through several editions of the auction we've seen friendships formed, busy friends connect, managment experience shared across sectors, new venture and career advice, sales made, and plenty of fun. And through it all, a wide variety of charities large and small have benefitted, through awareness and the winning bids.

We give thanks to the sponsors of the auction who kindly come together to provide this opportunity, and to the many executives, media personalities, and business association leaders who have been on auction.


Organised by John Ernst