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June 22, 2000, Press Release

Silcon Valley North launches Executive Golf Auction

Local executives put down their Palms for a chance to putt in region's first Executive Golf Auction

June 22, 2000 – Ottawa- Local high tech executives, including Rod Bryden, will have the unique opportunity to demonstrate their golfing skills while helping a worthy cause at Ottawa’s first annual Executive Golf Auction, launched today. Participating executives will be posted on an online auction block where bidders will compete for the chance to play a nine-hole round of golf with them. Each of the games is played at the convenience of the Executive. All proceeds of the auction go to support Compassion for Action, a charity dedicated to helping those afflicted with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

"This is a great opportunity to network on the golf course and help charity at the same time. The season-ending dinner will be another fine opportunity for networking among all the participants." said John Ernst, Managing Director of FrontierStrategies and organizer of the auction. "Thankfully, we have received tremendous support from the business community, executives, and our sponsors."

Bidding will be open to the general public and will be publicised throughout technology cluster areas around North America. Those interested will be able to place their bids through an auction web-site that lists the executives along with how long they are on auction and the most current bid offered. With a suggested minimum bid starting of $500, bidders will be able to pay using a credit card, while larger bids can be called in, verified and reserved. Visitors to the site will also have the option to simply make a pledge to the Compassion in Action charity.

"We’re hoping that the proceeds from the Executive Golf Auction will help raise a quarter of this year’s funding objective of $600,000 for Compassion in Action," said Nortel Networks vice-president David Mann, a member of the board of directors for the charity and a participating executive in the auction. "Our goal is to use the funds to build Canada’s first research and treatment center for Canadians afflicted with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia."

As there is no single day for the event, but rather many games played at the convenience of the participants, organizers will continue to recruit executives for the auction throughout the summer. The average time span that an executive will be on auction will be three weeks. Successful bidders can either then play with the executive and invite a guest to play along, or may choose to transfer the opportunity to someone else. The Canadian Country and Golf Club, an official sponsor of the event, will provide a free venue for all of the games, to be scheduled at the convenience of the executive.

The Executive Golf Auction will run until early fall, with a closing dinner set to take place in October where all sponsors, bidders, and executives will be welcome to attend. The event hopes to create an awareness of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia within the business community. You can visit the official Executive Golf Auction website at executivegolfauction.com.



 For more information, please contact:

  John Ernst
  (613) 565-0283

  David Mann
  Compassion in Action
  Toll Free: 1-877-437-HOPE


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