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   Join us to build a continent-wide network of executive auctions,
helping people meet people, helping charities.  

The Model:
    100% of the winning bids go to charity, thanks to the efforts of the regional partners and their sponsors.
    The local organizer hosts the executive-bidder meetings at mutually convenient times at donated venues.

Talk with us, and learn how about four days work, at your own pace, can get you basically set up.

The Regional Partner's Role:
  1.   Recruit executives to be on auction in your region     (1 day to get a starting lineup)
  2.   Invite local business associations to help promote the executive-level networking   (1/2 day)
          More than 25 business associations are already helping.
  3.   Partner with local Venue sponsors to host the executive-bidder meetings   (1.5 days?)
  4.   Find additional sponsors if you wish to share the effort, cover costs
  5.   Launch the event, do interviews with local media   (1 day?)
          or... invite a Public Relations firm to be a sponsor, handling your press launch
  6.   You host the bidder-executive meetings, meet everyone involved
           (meeting hosts help ensure the meetings go smoothly, prevents hard-sells)

  Optional extras may include:
        Sponsored post-auction lunches for all participants to learn about the charity and recognise the sponsors

We provide you:
  1.   A start-up plan
  2.   A publicity plan, tested in Montreal, Vancouver, and 3 years in Ottawa
  3.   The combined benefit and efforts of all regions - the 'Network Effect'
  4.   Your city's section on the Executives on Auction web site
  5.   Shared use of the Auction tool
  6.   Coaching, support
  7.   Promotional support - through our national sponsors, through the other auctions' efforts
  8.   The ability to cross promote prizes and events, encourage inter-region networking
  9.   On-going access to the lessons we've learned, and an on-going source for new ideas as regions experiment
  10.  The promise of continuing efforts to add new regions and add new value for site visitors.

Contact John Ernst.